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Our name is inspired by our practice. Prana, our breath is a life giving force. Nu, representing “new,” connects to how we feel after a session on our mats. These things together embody the connectedness we recognize between our practice and our wellbeing.

Jacklyn Shenvar, Founder + CEO

Nuprava’s journey represents an exploration of health and wellness through movement. As a sales executive juggling long hours and a hectic travel schedule, yoga was my lifeline. It was (and still is) my one hour a day of ‘me time’ where I can unplug and indulge in a yoga session. 

After adding a morning meditation to the mix and unrolling my mat from a yoga session the night before, I found that my mat was in a less than desirable state to practice on. After researching brands and trying out several different mats, I realized I kept running into the same issues. The mats I was trying had hectic designs, a short life cycle, lacked desirable functionality, and were nearly impossible to completely disinfect. 

I knew if I wanted something to meet my vision, I was going to have to create it myself. Nuprava began with a vision to create and share functional, long-lasting yoga essentials with sustainability and design in mind.